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Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 Pre Release | Full Version

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Adobe Photoshop versi terbaru di tahun 2011 ini adalah Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 Pre Release MacOSX.
Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 terbaru ini memiliki banyak fitur-fitur baru seperti DSLR-Video di Photoshop yang dapat mengkonversi video dan gambar yang tidak bisa dilakukan pada versi sebelumnya,Integrasi gambar statis dari video yang diambil oleh kamera DSLR, Koreksi distorsi, dll.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 yang M.A share ini adalah Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 Pre Release MacOSX karena itu hanya bisa berjalan di system operasi Macintosh.

New features in Photoshop CS6 are listed below:
• Fill your stories with movement DSLR-Video in Photoshop. Convert videos and images, so it was not possible before.
• Switch between screens and get more accurate results than ever before, with new drawing tools and graphics.
• Carry out their work in record time thanks to a substantial performance boost advanced features of the workflow.
• «Smart Object» become even smarter. Thanks to "infinitely" scalable vectors based on the new Photoshop image pixel is able to perform operations such as deformation, interpolation, canvas rotation, 3D-manipulation, etc.
• Extended distortion correction. The ideal solution for the correction of panoramic and architectural shots.
• «Smart Object» become even smarter. Thanks to "infinitely" scalable vectors based on the data of image pixels, the new Photoshop is able to perform operations such as deformation, interpolation, canvas rotation, 3D-manipulation, etc.
• There are new drawing tools and graphics. "Dynamic brush" - with more settings, dryness, toughness, transparency, full emulation of this brush.
• Integration of static images from video taken by DSLR-camera.
• The ability to voice control operations in conjunction with the keyboard and mouse.
• Dynamic layers. "Smart" layers which can be manipulated in real time and that can dynamically interact with other layers.
• More convenient switching between screens, and optimize images for different monitor resolution.
• The increase in performance workflow operations will now take less time.

 Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 Pre Release

System requirements:
• Intel ® Pentium ® 4 or AMD Athlon ® 64 processor
• Microsoft ® Windows ® XP with Service Pack 3; Windows Vista ® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (Service Pack 2 recommended); or Windows 7
• 1GB of RAM
• 1GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)
• 1024x768 display (1280x800 recommended) with qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics card, 16-bit color, and 256MB of VRAM
• Some GPU-accelerated features require graphics support for Shader Model 3.0 and OpenGL 2.0
• DVD-ROM drive
• QuickTime 7.6.2 software required for multimedia features
• Broadband Internet connection required for online services and to validate Subscription Edition (if applicable) on an ongoing basis

Among the most interesting innovations are the following:
• Technology Truer Edge, improves the definition of the boundaries of objects in the photographs.
• Tool Content-Aware Fill to remove from the image of an object and automatically fill the space with the relevant content.
• Advanced tools for working with the HDR-images, which include tool HDR Pro, which improved removal of artifacts and image adjustments. Using the HDR-toning, you can simulate the look of the HDR-image to the usual picture.
• Tools Mixer Brush, blending the colors in one brush
• Puppet Warp Tool for the strain of any element of the image. It can, for example, change the landscape to create a different perspective, or to straighten a bent arm.
• The ability to save 16-bit images in JPEG.
• Custom mini-bar Adobe Mini Bridge for fast file management, which is available directly from the application.

Treatment procedure:
1) Turn off the antivirus during the install (if used keygen), disable the 'Net
2) Mount the image in any program to emulate
3) Run the Set-up
4) Select the bit depth (for x-64), the language of the installation, enter the serial number (with keygen, or text file Serial Numbers.txt), skip ADOBE ID
5) Set

The Board of activation:
Carry-in host (hosts) file to add the line blocking access to the server validation (authentication) activation: activate.adobe.com
hosts file look here: C: Windowssystem32driversetchosts

These activation domains are also adobovskie to "pile" can be registered in the hosts file, although it is enough to register only one, the one that above: practivate.adobe.com ereg.adobe.com activate.wip3.adobe.com wip3.adobe.com 3dns-3.adobe.com 3dns-2.adobe.com adobe-dns.adobe.com adobe-dns-2.adobe.com adobe-dns-3.adobe.com ereg.wip3.adobe.com activate-sea.adobe.com wwis-dubc1-vip60.adobe.com activate-sjc0.adobe.com adobeereg.com adobe.activate.com

• Remember, the installation and operation of the activation adobovskih programs should be carried out with disabled access to the Internet, as well as after editing the host file, it is desirable to restart the PC.
• And yet, after all the procedures for activating the CS, we recommend that you disable or delete in Task Scheduler (Schedule Tasks) Automatic product updates AAM Updates Notiher.exe that every two hours trying to access the server from Adobe.

Silakan Download:
Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 Pre Release MacOSX Part 1
Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 Pre Release MacOSX Part 2
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