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Marrying The Mafia III (2006)

Director: Jeong Yong-gi
Country: Korea
Language: KoreanYear: 2006
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Action
File Size: 700 MB

The members from the second installment teamed up once again for the new film, including director Jeong Yong-ki and actors Shin Hyeon-joon, Kim Won-hee and Kim Soo-mi, bringing little that is new since the second film.

The story takes off with the family matriarch, Mrs. Hong, her star prosecutor daughter-in-law and the rest of the family launching a kimchi-making business after putting an end to their days of organized crime. But they face a crisis as their enemies prepare to take revenge on the Hongs.

This time around, the enemy is Myoung-Phil, a disgraced former prosecutor who was jailed for corruption and whose sole purpose is to the Jang family. What the legal weasel doesn't know is that Mama Jang has family members all over the country and like THE WARRIORS, they're ready to come out and play. Can Mama Jang and the boys overcome their latest enemy and restore the family glory?

Sin Hyeon-jun
Kim Won-hui
Tak Jae-hun
Kim Su-mi
Gong Hyeong-jin
Im Hyeong-jun
Sin I
Jeong Jun-ha
Kim Yong-geon

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